About Us

Paddy's Daddy's Dog

We Treat your Pet like Royalty

Paddy's Daddy in Knightdale, are passionate pet owners who know exactly what you are seeking in a pet walking/sitting service, someone who loves your fur baby as much as you do. For over 21 years, Paddy's Daddy has personally owned 9 Bouvier des Flanders  (6 of them rescues) , 4 cats , a Lab and  2 feral cats that live on the front porch.  We have always put our fur kids first when it came to their care. We have  "live in" pet sitters while vacationing and a potty break team that helps when we have to be gone too long during the day. Family Owned & Operated in Knightdale, we   understand the commitment you make when you own a dog and we want to be there for you, close to home ,  to help! Paddy's will provide you all your pet service needs.

We're Family Owned and Operated

Unlike the  independent contracting dog walkers or some popular apps, we're a local family that lives in the Churchill Subdivision in Knightdale since 2009.  We've been helping our neighbors for years with dog sitting  and potty breaks and realized our passion it to help other pet owners. We know that Knightdale is growing and we want to have our business here. We will to provide Knightdale and the surrounding areas professional dog walking and sitting  services for the peace of mind each owner deserves. We focus on long lasting relationships within our community.   

They Miss You

Our pets miss us when we're gone. No matter if it's every day or during a human vacation.  Having a regularly schedule Paddy's Daddy visits keep your dog healthier and happier.  Having to hold "it" for more than 4-5 hours can cause bladder problems.  Also, very active dogs need a little play time and outside time to curb their enthusiasm.  The bottom line is dogs are social creatures that need interaction with their humans.  So while you're away at work or on vacation, we can keep them healthy and happy for you.  So every time we visit, we will communicate with you to let you know how they were and what we did.